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Vincent DEROO, who are you?
I'm leaving in France, near Nantes. I'm 38 years old and I have got three children. I'm working as a developper at a wholesaler (Windows environment)

... and free softwares ?
I've been using computers for a lot of years... As every one, at this time, I was a Windows (3.1) user.
The first time I have read some words about Linux, it was in an universitary library (in 1998). Some books proposed to discover Linux... I was intrigued by this operating system that advice user to backup it's datas before installation, that talk about partitions... At the last quarter of 1998, I read the Linux Magazine France #1. In 1999, I bought a Suse 5.3. Since I used Slackware, Mandrake and today Debian.

I began in the free softwares world by packaging few releases of gnomemeeting. But family and work don't leave me free time. So I am more a "user" than a "maker"
But I always make promotion of free softwares (at work for example) !

Why do you have started to code Pysycache?
It's very simply : my younger child want to play to computer : I propose her gcompris or tuxpaint... but she was too young for succeed to move correctly the mouse ! So I have started to think at a software for teach kids how use the mouse (for having the avaibility to use other softwares). Pysycache was born !

Could you remember us the history of the project ?
The release 1.0 (Sept 20, 2005) is provided with only one activity (the move). One month later (Oct 21, 2005), I provide the 1.5 release, that is an amelioration of the fist release with sound management, the ghost mode and the ABCBook theme.

With the 2.0 release (Feb 16, 2006) I increase the mouse learning : with two new activities based on the click.

For the 3.0, I add two activities (double-click and drag'n'drop), user management, other translation, and script-fu (for Gimp) for make more easy the theme creation by user.

What difficulties did you have occured ?
I think that I had occured the same difficulties that other free projects :

... and what are the good moments ?
Of course, there are some goods moments !

Today, the 3.0 release is available... What is the future for Pysycache ?
Pysycache have only one target : teach to use the mouse. And only this target.
I think that Pysycache evolution is