Chapter 6. Personnal preferences

Your preferences permit you to customize Pysycache: that way you don't have to give any option each time you run it.

For changing yours preferences, click on the right button (1) in the menu window:

Figure 6-1. Launch the preferences of the Pysycache user

Then, you get the following screen with the available choices:

Figure 6-2. Configuration of Pysycache user preferences

  1. choice of the screen mode (fullscreen or windowed 800x600)

  2. with sound or muted

  3. default level selection: three levels are available (easy, medium or difficult). This level will be used at the beginning of an activity, but you may change it during the game. Click on arrows for changing the level.

  4. transition speed between two screens (the higher the number is the longer the transition will last. A zero value means a very quick transition)

  5. your selected language for the menus (not the ABCBook or themes numbers). The available languages are read from the lang directory

  6. button for saving your preferences

  7. button for exiting the preference screen and go back to the main menu window

When the preferences are saved, they are made available immediately.